Sa - Sanderson    Sandi - Scar    Sce - Sea    Seb - Sha    She - Shoe   

Shof - Simms    Simo - Sla     Sle - Smith, G.   Smith, H. - Smith, Joe

Smith, John - Smith, T.    Smith, U. - Sn    So - Spe    Spi - Stap    Star - Stev

Stew - Stog    Stoh - Stre   Stri - Sui   Sul - Swan      Sway - Sy  
Mississippi Confederate
Grave Registry
The following is a listing of our Honored Confederate Dead who sleep beneath the mockingbird. This list is taken from the "Mississippi Confederate Grave Registry" microfilms at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Anyone having an ancestor not listed, additional information on a Confederate Veteran, or a correction may send the information to Dan McCaskill.  Names listed in red are not on the Registry and information in blue is from other sources. Direction and distance to cemeteries are from center of the city. This is a work in progress and may take a year or more to complete. 
Please be patient!  This is for research Only.
Last updated 05-29-2007