Mississippi Confederate
Grave Registry
The following is a listing of our Honored Confederate Dead who sleep beneath the mockingbird and our Mississippi Confederate Veterans whose final resting place is outside the State.  Anyone having an ancestor not listed, additional information on a Confederate Veteran, or a correction may send the information to Dan McCaskill.  Names listed in red are not listed on the Registry microfilms and information in blue is from other sources. Direction and distance to cemeteries are measured from the center of the city. This is for research Only, you will have to verify the information!
This information can also be found on the 
Sons of Confederate Veterans National Graves Registry.
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Veterans posted:  34,287

 Unknowns:  10,806

Last Updated:  09-04-2021

Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861 - 1865                                Beauvoir Soldier's List
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Google Earth                                                                           MS Dept. of  Transportation: County Highway Maps
Find a Grave                                                                           MS Dept. of  Transportation:  City Maps
USGS: Domestic Names Search                                                  Footnote.com: Service Records 
"Confederate Roll of Honor" by Gary W. Webster

Note: Distances are from the center of town, not city limits.
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MS Confederate Grave Registry Microfilm Rolls

# 17806..... Aaron, John - Ellis, Thomas LaRoche
# 17807..... Ellis, William - Lowry, Henry Jopkin
# 17808..... Lowry, J. A. - Strong, Thomas E.
# 17809..... Strother, James T. - Zumbro, John A.